Thursday, 15 November 2018


Hello and today I have a cat story for you. Hope you enjoy! And if you would like to support this story, you can down at the bottom. Thank you!

Flash fiction
He could see over the horizon where the sun was starting to set. The heat of the day would be cooling off. Then he could head out and hunt.
The only thing was that the night brought out other hunters as well and they could be a threat to him.
Foxy boy was always on the prowl but never really a threat. Manx knew his routine pretty good. Grey horn always announced his arrival with this hoots.  Usually calling over more owls which was the signal to clear out.
Tonight he was going to fallow a certain other cat who was new to the region. There was no threat from this cat but she looked interesting and wanted to talk to her. Maybe they could hunt together.
He threw up his nose and sniffed the air to see what caught in his senses. So far so good.
The moon was now high and the silver light lit up the path he was on. Dark shadows danced along the trees beside him. He was sure eyes were following him.
He kept his guard up as he never knew who he might encounter.
Finally he made his way into clearing where a small creak gurgled away. His chest jumped to life as he saw her across the way drinking.
He decided to do the same thing. He kept one eye on her while he drank, hoping that she would look up.
She never did but then as she turned she caught his scent. Now she looked his way.
He nodded to her and she swiftly turned and trotted back into the forest disappearing into the dark.  
His ears drooped. Foxy boy came not too far away, and was having a drink. While he drank, Foxy boy kept his one eye on him.
“What’s wrong,” he asked. “Something chase you?”
“No, I was here to see another cat and hopefully meet them.”
“The one that just left. I would stay away from her. She is one of them.”
“The magical ones, I’m sure you have heard of them.”
“Yeah, I have but never saw any so I’m not so sure they exist.”
“Oh they do, and right now they are prowling our woods.”
“What are they prowling for?”
“Who knows but I am staying away and so should you.” He trotted off leaving him with his warning.
Manx shook his head. She didn’t look like a threat. She looked friendly and if he ever saw her near, he would speak to her.
He went back down the path and took another path that would take him to the other side of the creak and maybe he would see her.
And he got his wish. She was stretched out on a small hill overlooking the meadow. The moon bathed her white grey muted fur. Her ear tufts reached out to the night sky. He carefully approached.
Suddenly she leaped up and whirled around in the air and land on all fours teeth baring.
His ears went flat. “I’m not here to threaten you.”
He could see her smell him and then stand up and look at him “Who are you?”
“Manx, I live here. And I just noticed you and wanted to say hi.”
“Oh, well, hi back.”
“Can we sit together?”
She nodded and he carefully trotted up beside her and sat down and looked over the meadow.
“Where you watching for something to hunt?”
“Not really. But if I saw anything, I would go.”
“Yeah, I thought so. Do you like it here?” He felt like he was asking dumb questions.
It did make her smile.
“Would you like to hunt with me tonight?”
His ears perked up. “Sure, sound good.”
She shook her head and stood up. Let me take you to a special place and you will see all about me.”
Manx remembered what Foxy boy said. “Are you magical?”
Her eyes went wide. “Me? I don’t have any magic.”
“Okay, let’s go hunt first and then maybe we can go to your special place.”
Off they went down into the meadow where they caught some mice and headed to the creak.
They both drank. Now she was going to go show him her special place.
It was close to the meadow where he met her. She leaped into the tall grass and rolled around. He did the same. The grass felt cool and smooth.
When she got back up on her fours, she looked at him. “Come.”
He followed her and she came to a large oak tree with an opening in it. She went inside and turned for him to follow.
He got close and sniffed the opening. The hair stood up on the back of his neck. Manx backed up and he whirled around running as fast as his feet would carry him.
When he reached the top of the hill looking down on the forest. There was soft glow coming from the area he had just ran from.
He was panting. Foxy boy was right. She was magic and her hunting was for ones like him. He shook his head. Never again would he pursue her.
Manx did see her after that but he kept hidden from her.
Another one came up beside her. He knew to stay away from the magical ones.
He left the area for a while until he heard it was safe to come back.

Thursday, 8 November 2018


I thought today I would give you a little cat magic. Hope you enjoy!

The Midnight Crew
They start off as tendrils of grey black smoke that rises out of the darkness with yellow and gold eyes.
High pitched howls make the darkness shiver. They slither like snakes in the darkness and their tails swish in the moon’s light. There is a group of five. They call them the Midnight crew and what they do is slink and prowl the neighborhood.
Everything should be indoors when this crew is out and about. Trouble is what you will be in for if you encounter one of them.
One of them by the name of Black Star is the leader. He looks for mischief and chaos.
If you do meet up with old Black Star, he will want to strike a bargain with you. Be wary as he is quite the one to conn. Hisses and spits nearby warn you not to make any deals. Do listen.
Another of the group, LightFoot, will also make deals behind Black Star’s back. He’s even more dangerous. It’s best not to even let on you’ve seen them.
Walk really fast and keep your eyes looking ahead. Don’t even once glance to the side, even if you think there is a dark shadow by your side or this strange vibe that you’ve picked up that something is following you.
Because there probably is. Dark grey smoke with sharp eyes and tails swishing back and forth waiting to pounce you if you dare look back.
So take heed at the midnight hour. A certain crew is on the lookout and they are not looking out for you.
They are simply waiting for you.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018


Since I am posting this Wednesday evening, Halloween, I have a treat for you. It's Halloween in wonderland and there is a party going on. Wanna come? Enjoy the story!

It was getting close to the special night when the spooks and goblins came venturing out but it wasn’t what Rabbit feared as much as them. On nights like this it brought out all kinds of them. And it was already starting with the invitation that he was holding in his paw.
The mad hatter had personally delivered it to his hole and dropped it down landing in his salad. When he plucked off the radish that was stuck to it, he knew what it was. He shivered as he opened it. As he read the details, he gasped. He was bringing her. He got up and paced, wringing his paws together, mushing up the invitation, in hopes of coming up with an excuse that would be accepted. He could not go.
“Why does he always want to bring her to these parties? She always looks at me like she hasn’t eaten in days. No, I will not go to this party with her there. That’s final.”
Now it was the day before and he still had not come up with a believable excuse. Hatter would be coming to confirm him to coming. Maybe if he hid?
The ground above shook. He knew it was Hatter. Rabbit ran and crawled under his bed. “Rabbit, are you down there, my little friend? Come out my fluffy eared fellow. I have someone here with me. They would love to see you.”
Rabbit covered his mouth with his paw. She was here already! He stayed quiet and prayed they would leave. After a bit he could hear a sigh. “Maybe he is gathering some greens. Let’s go to his favourite patch.”
Rabbit waited for a bit to make sure they were really gone. Then he slowly crawled out from underneath.  He let out an exasperated sigh. “What am I going to do?”
He grabbed his small little basket and decided to go pick some berries which was in the opposite direction of the place he picked his favorite greens. He first poked his nose out and sniffed. Nothing so he came out and headed toward the berry patch. He was halfway down the path when he heard voices behind him. He froze. The voices were not the Hatters. The way they giggled it sounded like sprites. They were always up to no good and just as he was going to make haste another voice joined them. This time it was the Hatter. He rushed off now. Rabbit could take the long way around and get back to his hole.
But of course, he was spotted when he heard his name. “Rabbit, there you are. I’ve been looking for you.”
Rabbit didn’t even turn around, he could hear his fast paced footsteps coming towards him. Soon Hatter was standing in front of him looking down at him beaming. “Aren’t you excited about the party?” He waved his hand in the air like he was about to conduct an orchestra. “And I have someone special that is coming to the party.” He looked over Rabbit’s head. “Come dear and see our dear friend. Rabbit cringed as he heard that all too shrilly laugh. His nose twitched at her over powering rose perfume.
She came rushing up beside Hatter looking down at him with her bright pink lipstick lips. Her teeth shone and looked sharp to rabbit. He backed up a bit. Her long pointy fingernails were painted hot pink as well. She held out her hand to rabbit. “So lovely to see you. When I heard about the party, I came right away as I knew you would be there.”
Rabbit swallowed hard and let out a nervous laugh. “Well…” said rabbit. “I…”
“Oh come on my fluffy friend. Don’t stammer. Get the words out before they run away,” laughed Hatter.
Rabbit had forgot about the sprites who now were joining them. Their wide eyes resembled glassy marbles. Pale green skin freckled with brown spots on their shoulders and arms led to hands that sported sharp claws. They smiled at Rabbit but he knew that they were only faking it. They were both nuts and liked trouble for their main entertainment. Well he was not going to hang around be their amusement for the day. 
He threw up his furry chin at them all. “I have things to do, I must go.”
He hopped around them listening to the giggling sprites that sounded like their nails on a chalkboard. His ears quivered. “See you later,” she said.
He mumbled under his breath. “Not if I can help it.”
Rabbit gripped his little basket so tight that he went right by his berry patch and when he realized that, he sighed. “I’m not going back there. It will be salad for supper.” He hurried back to his home before he met up with them again.
Back in his hole, he cleaned up and got ready for his meal when he could hear the sound of someone coming towards his hole. He held his breath for a moment. “Rabbit, are down there? I need to have a word with you. It won’t take long.”
It was Hatter. Rabbit let out a breath and went up to see what he wanted. All he hoped was that she wasn’t with him. With relief, she wasn’t. He smiled down at him and presented him with a basket of berries. Rabbit eyes went wide.
“I knew you would be too worked up to pick, so I picked for you. Of course I hope I can convince you to come to the party. It will be great rabbit-only of you just make an appearance.”
Rabbit eyed him carefully. “Make an appearance? That’s all I have to do?”
Hatter nodded.
Rabbit looked one way and then the other. “I…suppose…”
“Good, I take that as a yes. I will come and escort you to the event.”
“Oh you don’t have to do that…”
“No, I insist, I want you to arrive without incident. I know those sprites and such like to play games.”
Rabbit’s ears fell a bit. “Okay.”
“Wonderful.” And off he bounced leaving Rabbit with his berries.
The day had come and within hours Hatter would be arriving to pick him up. He paced back and forth wiring his paws. He knew that she would be with him.
“Rabbit, are you ready?”
He listened for a moment but could not hear her. Slowly he went up and saw Hatter by himself in all his glory, dressed in a bright orange coat that swept the ground and his shirt was bright green. Rabbit could see his outfit shimmer like the makeup around his eyes.
“Good evening Rabbit. Happy Hallows eve.”
Rabbit nodded. “Same to you.”
“Don’t be so glum rabbit. You wait and see.”
The Hatter escorted Rabbit to a waiting carriage. Silver foxes waited to pull the orange pumpkin shaped carriage to their party. Rabbit gasped. Fire flies lit the way. The Hatter helped him up and off they went. The trees were lit up with lights and the old table was brimming with goodies. The guests were there in all their elaborate costumes. Faeries wearing masks of leaves of every color of the forest adorned their faces. Their cat like eyes glowed in the light when it hit them giving them a mischievous look.
Rabbit felt like he was being stared at as the silver foxes that brought them rushed past them and suddenly started playing on the table scattering nuts everywhere. The masked faeries got in on the game. The chaos had started.
Of course there were other rabbits there and they were nibbling on carrots and clover enjoying themselves and ignoring the rest. Rabbit wanted to do that as well. But not to be of course as she came waltzing up to them. “Oh, your here.” The shimmering lights reflected in her gold eyes that peered down at him through a mask that covered almost her entire face. It was mostly made of feathers.
“Dance with me rabbit.”
Before he could decline, she grabbed his little paw and led him to where all the others were dancing. He shivered as he looked up into the faces. Some had flowing dress wear that looked like spider’s silk. Wild flowers decorated their colored hair over their painted faced. The feathered and leaf masks were a favorite. Rabbit stayed close to her. He didn’t want to get touched by one them.
The music filled the air and they were all drinking out of little cups. Rabbit knew the cups were filled with honey wine and honeysuckle wine. They would all be quite happy in a hour or two. He would leave before then-for sure.
Rabbit just hid in the grass as she danced around him. He kept looking for Hatter but he appeared to have been swallowed up by all the guests. Horned creatures and woodland elves all enjoyed the food and drink. Their laughs sounded like wolves howling on an eerie night.
Finally Hatter was headed their way and Rabbit knew by the look on his face that he was maybe going to rescue him. Oh he hoped so.
“Well, how are we doing?”
Before she could answer, one of those horned creatures came up at the same time and grabbed her and they danced off. That left Rabbit and Hatter. He smiled down at Rabbit. “Ready to go?”
Rabbit nodded quickly. “I thought so. Come with me my friend.”
Rabbit was a bit worried what he had planned. Nothing was ordinary with Hatter. The carriage was waiting for him again and this time, deer were going to pull the carriage. They looked friendlier than the silver foxes. Hatter helped him up and sat beside him. Off they went.
The carriage was not heading toward where Rabbit lived. “Where are we going?”
“Don’t worry Rabbit. I have something special for you.”
Now Rabbit was worried. He looked around as the bare leaved trees looked like fingers ready to pluck him out of the carriage. The moon was full tonight and in the forest the mist was creeping in. Rabbit was imagining all kinds of things that were hiding in the mist ready to grab him. He was ready to hide under the seat when they stopped.
Hatter jumped up and held out his hand. Rabbit was scared of taking his hand and shook his head. “Trust me Rabbit, it will be great.”
Finally he took Hatter’s hand and they went to a small opening in the forest not far from the carriage. Rabbit kept his eyes open for goblins ready to eat him. The moon’s light lit up something. Rabbit couldn’t make it out.
“Here is your surprise my friend. I know you will like these.”
Rabbit looked a little closer and his eyes went wide. “There were magic mushrooms. These ones only grew at certain times of the year and then sometimes there were not very many. Tonight, there was an abundance of the little mushrooms. Rabbit couldn’t believe it.
“Happy Halloween Rabbit.”
“Why thank you Hatter.”
“Let’s go gather you up some, shall we?”
Now they were heading back to his hole. Sitting in his lap was a basket full of magic mushrooms. He couldn’t believe that he would be having some of these for his breakfast. Hatter helped him down and before he went down his hole, Hatter had another little gift. “Here is a little treat for you.” He handed Rabbit a carrot muffin.
Rabbit smiled. “My favorite, thank you so much.”
“You’re quite welcome my friend. Enjoy the rest of your evening.”
Rabbit went down his hole with all his goodies. He could hear Hatter go off with the carriage. Now all that he could see was the soft moon’s light shining down his hole. He yawned.
He took his basket of magic mushrooms and placed them in his little pantry, next to his berries that Hatter had given him. He smiled to himself.  Today wasn’t so bad after all.
He snuggled down in his bed and mumbled. “Happy Halloween Hatter.”
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Wednesday, 24 October 2018


Halloween is near so I thought we would tale a little tale of a little spooky kitty. Hope you enjoy!
Flash fiction
Once a year she comes out in her true form. They said it was a curse placed upon her oh so long ago.
A dark prince who she turned down to be his love cursed her forever and one day.
When it becomes dark and the full moon shines bright in the black sky, she comes out.
As black as the night and full of mischief, she comes out to play. She casts more tricks than any goblin and fools more for believing in her.
Her bright eyes shine like jewels and lures you to her with a purr and swish of her long black tail.
If you give her attention and a treat, she’ll let you go—maybe.
If you hear a laugh after you’ve left her side, be aware for trouble that night.
Her mischief comes in many forms, such as a trick of the eye and ghostly images floating behind dark corners.
If you hear a purr in your ear, go inside and close the curtains. You might hear a scratching at the window. Don’t go investigate, no matter what.
If you do, you might be cursed as long as she is.
Happy Halloween!