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Happy Holidays!


Hello Everyone! It has been a while. I thought I was going to be back before now but didn't work out and now we are in the last week of the year! I hope you enjoyed the stories from the past and read the cat cozy that I was serializing. I hope to continue that in the new year. Once I finish that I will see what happens. I have plans to publish so will let you know about that. 
But for now I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and the best in 2020! A new decade!

So until the new year, have a safe and joyous time with your family and friends. 

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Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Absent as of late

Hello everyone! I thought I would pop on here as I have not been posting chapters. Life got in the way and things are a little unsettled right now. My mother passed away recently and I am still dealing with that stuff.
Hope to be back at this by the beginning of August. So stay tuned as I have not forgotten.

Take care everyone and see you back soon!

Thursday, 6 June 2019


Hello everyone! Today I have two chapters for you to read since I missed last week. Still gardening and holidays. Hope you enjoy and happy reading!

Chapter 18

Mr. Grant slammed his door shut making the officers heads turn toward him. Gingersnap took notice of the dogs whose ears perked up. One of the officers met Mr. Grant half way. Gingersnap crouched low as if he was hiding from Mr. Grant. He did not like the man at all. The police officer appeared to trying to move Mr. Grant away from the scene but Mr. Grant was not having anything to do with it. His arms were now flailing about and now Gingersnap could hear his loud voice from inside the shop.

Another officer joined them. Mr. Grant only got louder. It wasn’t until a third officer came over with one of the dogs that they escorted Mr. Grant back to his truck. He was now considerably less loud, especially with the dog right there. Mr. Grant gladly got in his truck. Gingersnap was glad the dog scared him.

The officers and dog stayed there until Mr. Grant drove off. Gingersnap watched them get back to the scene. He wished he knew why Mr. Grant showed up and the motorcycle rider with the mean looking cat were up to. Where they in this all together?

Gingersnap hopped down and had a drink of water. All this excitement made him thirsty and a bit hungry. The bowl next to his water was empty. James and Sophie were busy in the kitchen so he decided to take a stroll in the front area where patrons had their sweet and drink. He sometimes got tidbits and that was always good even though Sophie and James didn’t approve of it.

As he walked out there was not a lot of people and Gingersnap thought he was not going to get anything. He stopped short and hid behind the front desk where people paid. The cat that was with the rider was in his carrier in the table next to the window. He was having a treat inside while the rider was eating theirs and enjoying a coffee.

Was that Susan? Her back was to him but he was pretty sure it was her. Gingersnap backed up as he didn’t want the mean looking cat to see him.  Jamie the new kid who started working in the shop went over to the table to give her more coffee. The mean cat let out a little growl scaring off Jamie. The rider spoke to the cat and then he purred. Even his purr thought Gingersnap was not friendly. He decided to pad his way back to the kitchen and maybe get something there.

Gingersnap backed up keeping his eye on the mean cat. Everything was quiet until he backed into the chair and made a big noise. That caught the eye of the mean cat whose eyes went wide when he saw Gingersnap. He froze on the spot as they stared at one another for a moment. The rider noticed and glanced back. She smiled.

Gingersnap made a break for it and took off for the kitchen and almost tripped James coming out with a tray of cookies. “Hey boy, what is the rush?”

Gingersnap headed straight for Sophie who was sitting on a chair decorating cookies. She looked down at him. “What’s wrong Gingie?” He let out a weak mew. Sophie stopped and came down to him and petted him. “I guess it’s lunch time for you, huh? Would that make you feel better?”

Gingersnap stayed under the chair not moving. James came back in. “You have a visitor here to see you.”

Sophie got back up. “Oh, who is it?”

The bike rider was standing at the door and she was holding the carrier with the mean cat. “Oh, hi Susan. How are you doing?”

Suddenly Gingersnap was forgotten about. All he could do was hide under the chair. The mean cat spied him watching his every move. Gingersnap didn’t know what to do. Now Susan was coming in to look around at the kitchen bring that cat closer to Gingersnap. As they talked Gingersnap could hear a low growl come from the mean cat.

Gingersnap decided maybe it was time to leave until Susan spied him. “Oh, here is your big orange guy. Look Brutus, here is going to be your neighbor real soon.” She brought the carrier right up to where Gingersnap was sitting. He was glad he was under the chair so the mean cat couldn’t touch him.

He let out a hiss at Gingersnap. “Oh, be nice Brutus. You guys will see each all the time.”

Gingersnap didn’t like that idea one bit. He took one last look at the mean cat before bolting out of the room. He could tell the mean didn’t like the idea either.

 Chapter 19

Gingersnap almost ran into James again. James smiled down at him. “I bet you are looking for food. Maybe that will make you less jumpy. Gingersnap followed him over to where his bowls where and he filled the one up and gave him fresh water.

“Did that other cat make you nervous? I must admit I don’t feel that comfortable around Brutus either. Maybe he isn’t as mean as he looks?” He patted Gingersnap.

Gingersnap started eating his food while keeping one eye on the kitchen waiting for Susan and that mean cat to come out. He was almost down eating when they came out. Gingersnap stayed put hoping that he was wouldn’t get noticed. Brutus didn’t see him and it appeared that Susan was now going to leave.

Ginger snap hid while her and Sophie chatted for a few moments long. Then Susan and Brutus left. Gingersnap almost flopped down with relief that they were gone. Sophie went back to the kitchen so he decided to go there to.

He knew right a way that Sophie was not happy. James could too. “What’s up with Susan?”

“I’m not sure what is going on but this while investigation is not bothering one minute. She says that they are going to be rapping up real soon and that she will get right on the new shop. She sounds really excited about that but this investigation isn’t bothering in the least.”

“Really, I would be frazzled over what has happened. With getting ready to open a dress shop and everything. Now things must be put on hold.”

“That’s the thing, she thinks that they will get this cleared up real soon and she will have the construction people over to clean up so she can start building the dress ship. She sounded so sure of herself.”

James made a face. “You don’t think she has anything to do with any of this, do you?”

“Susan? I haven’t known her that long, only about three months when she moved here. She doesn’t seem the type but then you never know.”

“We should maybe then keep on our toes when she comes around.”

Sophie nodded. “Yes, that might be a good idea as she is quite anxious to get things moving on the dress shop.”

The buzzard up front rang. “I’ll get that,” said James. “It’s probably a delivery of supplies.”

Off James went leaving Sophie and Gingersnap. Sophie got back to finishing up her cookies. Gingersnap yawned. He had enough excitement for one day. He headed for the upstairs when James came running back in almost taking Gingersnap out. “Guess what I heard?”

“What did you hear?”

The delivery man heard that the new owner of the property is now under suspicion for the murder of Mr. Fifer.”

“That’s crazy, Susan does not give me the impression that she would be capable of such a crime.”

James shook his head. I would have said the same thing when I first met her but now? I don’t know what to think. You know how people can be. We’ve only known her for a short time. Maybe it’s all an act?”

Sophie put down her icing bag. “That’s interesting. We have to be extra careful about her. If it’s true, we can’t be making friends with a murder!”

Gingersnap had curled up on the bed taking his nap when he woke to a tapping outside the window. His sleepy eyes looked to see if it was a bird but he didn’t see any such thing. Gingersnap stretched out and decided to investigate. He hopped onto the night stand and then onto the dresser that was beside the window.

He could see movement through the sheer’s movement and at first, he thought it was Susan and Brutus back but when he took a closer look, it was someone else down there nosing around. He kept watching to see if they would turn so, he could see their face. Finally, they did and he was taken back. It was the police officer who had helped them back into the house. What was he doing out there by himself?

The motor bike came roaring up next. He knew it was Susan. She did not have Brutus with her this time. It wasn’t long when they started to argue. She pushed him and then stormed off on her bike.

The police officer stayed there for a moment and then looked over at their shop. He stared for a bit and then finally turned and left. Gingersnap got the feeling in his tail that whatever they were arguing about involved Sophie and James. 


Saturday, 25 May 2019


Hello everyone! Hope summer has arrived where you are. Almost here. A little bit late posting. Been busy gardening but here is the latest chapter. Happy reading!

Chapter 17

The dog dropped the found hat on the feet of one of the officers who picked it up with some special tongs and held it up looking at it. Very quickly it went into a bag and was sealed up. They all headed to where the hat was found.

James and Gingersnap watched intently at the crew to see what they would find next. Out of the kitchen came Sophie who came up beside James to see what they were looking at it. “Did they find something more?”

James who was stretching his neck to get a better look said, “They found a hat and you know it looked just like the one Mr. Grant wore when he came in here.”

“Really?” Sophie now stood on her tip toes to try and get a better look. “I wonder if there is another body? I hope not.”

“I hope not either but that hat…”

Suddenly one of the dogs let out a bark starling them. Gingersnap crouched low ready to take cover. James now stood on his tippy toes and pointed. “They found another hat! What is with these hats?”

Sophie shook her head. This is getting stranger by the minute. They watched them place that hat into a plastic bag. Another vehicle arrived at the scene and out came a officer who wasn’t wasting any time getting to the crew who were searching. He was telling them something.

James sighed. “I wish I could hear what they were saying. It must have been important; he didn’t even shut his car door!”

Sophie nodded. “Yes, I noticed that. Something must have come up. Look, they are spreading out now with their dogs. I bet on our cupcakes that they are looking for another body.”

“Oh god,” said James. “This is turning into a nightmare. What if they are looking for Mr. Grant now?”

The front desk chime rang. “Oh, I better go,” said Sophie. “Karen if off today so no one up front to take care of orders but us.”

James looked at her. “I forgot about that. I will get the front desk and you go tend to those cupcakes.”

Off they both went leaving Gingersnap alone on the desk still hiding. He didn’t like those dogs so close by. They scared him when they suddenly barked. He decided to jump down when he heard the sound of a motorbike. He knew it was the one that mean looking cat rode on. He was suspicious of who the driver was.

Gingersnap looked out the window and coming up the back lane was that same motorbike. Sure, enough the cat was riding in the protective basket looking straight ahead. The hairs on the back of Gingersnap’s neck stood up. As they approached the sight they slowed down and almost came to a complete stop. They were very interested in what was going on. They ended up pulling over to the side out of sight and hid in the shadows out of sight of the officers.

Gingersnap now was right up to the window watching them. They stayed still for quite awhile before the rider got off the bike and came a little closer to the sight but still stayed in the shadows away from eyes. The rider looked back at the cat and was saying something. The rider got a little braver and approached the site but still being cautious.

Everything was quite until suddenly the rider whirled around and leaped onto the bike starting it and roaring off the down the back alley. Gingersnap looked all around to see what had scared them off but didn’t see anything until a black truck made an appearance. It stopped right beside the police car that left its door open. Gingersnap crouched low. The truck door opened and out came Mr. Grant.



Thursday, 16 May 2019


Hi everyone. Hope everyone is great. I have the next chapter up for you. Happy reading!

Chapter 16

Gingersnap rushed up to Sophie and rubbed up against her leg. “Well, who is that we know that they found?”

James cleared his throat. “Mr. Fifer.”

Sophie gasped. “I wonder who did this. This is awful and why are they talking to us. They don’t think we had anything to do with this do they?”

James shook his head. “No, I’m certain that it is just customary to go ask question around to all those close by to see if they possibly saw anything unusual. Remember we were already involved with the recycle bin incident.”

Sophie sighed. “Yes, I forgot about that. Well, we haven’t really much to tell them. Mr. Fifer didn’t have much to do with us. He never came over and bought anything, not even a coffee.”

“That’s true as I think he was a bit of strange fellow, along with Mr. Grant who has simply disappeared again. Maybe him?”

Sophie shrugged. “Maybe but something doesn’t add up. I don’t know what it is but there’s something missing in all this.”

Gingersnap purred loudly. He knew who that was, that strange person on the motorbike with the mean cat. He was guessing they would know something.

James reached out to Sophie, let’s not worry about this now. We have nothing to worry about.”

Sophie smiled weakly at him. “I’m glad I have you through all this. This ordeal is turning into a nightmare. But we I better fill these orders despite all this.”

James smiled. “I’ll be right there helping you.”

Gingersnap looked up at both of them. He was happy Sophie had James for support and glad that he had James for a friend too. He watched them go off to the kitchen talking quietly. Gingersnap padded over to his dish and found a few treats and washed them down with some nice cool water.

He leaped up onto the desk to look out the window. He could see officers going over every morsel of the burn building looking for more clues. There were only a couple of dogs now. But he decided that the best place for him was right where he was. Didn’t need to be around dogs that could chase him.

Instead he went out to the part where the people had their treats and beverage. They were use to him making his way around the room to check things out. Most of the customers smiled at him. Gingersnap made his usual way around and got half way when a scent he caught made him stop in his tracks. He crouched down under an empty table surveying the area for where the scent came from. Up a head was someone sitting and they were wearing a dark jacket with a hood. Very carefully he creeped along to where they were sitting.

They were busy eating a piece of pie. When he came around, he noticed it was Susan who was going to be building the new dress shop. She didn’t look happy and Gingersnap maybe could see why. All this would delay her building of her new shop. He sat beside her for a moment until she looked down and gave him a dirty look.

Gingersnap quickly moved on and went back up to the desk to look out again. He wouldn’t be going in the there until she left. There was something about her that Gingersnap couldn’t pick up on but it wasn’t cat friendly.

James came out of the kitchen with a decorated cake ready to go in its box. As he put it in, he looked over at Gingersnap. “Hey Gingie, make sure you stay in. Those dogs are still out there and we don’t know how long they are going to be staying.”

Gingersnap let out a weak mew in response. James came a petted Gingersnap as he looked out the window. “Anything new going on over there, Gingersnap? I hope they pack up soon and they can get on with the investigation. We have to answer questions which I’m not looking forward too.”

Gingersnap purred to almost say the same thing. He didn’t like Sophie or James being caught up in this mess. Suddenly a dog howled startling them both. One of the dogs had found something. Gingersnap heard noise behind him that was coming from the front. He looked around and at the counter was Susan who quickly paid and went rushing out the door.

Gingersnap watched the officers all run toward the dog who had found something. They all stood around the dog and Gingersnap wondered what they had found now. One of the officers held up an object of clothing. It looked like a hat.

Now He saw Susan out there in the back watching them as well. James noticed too and he started to watch her. But then when she saw the hat she quickly disappeared. “I wonder what that was about?”

Gingersnap let out a low growl when he saw the big mean cat come out of the shadows. He disappeared quickly when one of the dogs came trotting out of the bush with something in its mouth. It was another hat. Gingersnap was wondering what was with the hats. But then he remembered about the night he saw Mr. Fifer and Mr. Grant Loading up hat boxes.

James continued to watch the dog with the hat. “Hey that hat looks familiar. It couldn’t be. That looks like Mr. Grant’s hat. He wore one like that the last time he was here.”


Friday, 10 May 2019


Hello everyone! Here is the latest chapter. Happy reading!

Chapter 15

James’s jaw hung to the floor as he stared wide eyed at the officer. “There’s a body?”

The police officer slowly nodded. “Well, we haven’t uncovered the body yet but the dogs are never wrong when they find someone.”

“I wonder who it is, the guy who owned the tool shop maybe?”

The police officer shrugged. “We don’t know yet but we should know soon. I better get back to work. Better to keep your kitties in.”

James nodded. “Yes, we will keep them in for sure. Thanks for very much.”

The officer turned and suddenly one of the dogs howled sending the officer flying off the step to go to the site. James watched for a minute but more police cars came and blocked the view. James quickly shut the door and locked it.

He rushed into the kitchen where Sophie was busy decorating a cake. “You won’t believe what just happened. This officer came to the door. They think they now have a murder.”

Sophie froze on the spot holding her icing bag. A drop of icing went plop on the counter. Her eyes went as wide as saucers. “That’s awful.”

“One of the dogs howled sending everybody scrambling. I think they may have found the body.”

Sophie wiped her hands. Let’s got see out the window.”

James followed her but they couldn’t see anything. “Let’s go upstairs, we will see up there.”

James was right at Sophie’s heels. They both made it to the window together. As they looked down men were scrambling around the site. Some were digging and others were keeping the dogs back. They were all excited. Sophie stretched out her neck to get a better look. She gasped. “I think they are uncovering the body now.” She clutched her chest waiting.

James squeezed her shoulders. “It will be okay. We are all safe here.”

Sophie sighed. “Thank you.”

There was quite a bit of commotion but finally they came around and they had a body bog and Sophie and James knew that they had someone in it. She looked up at James. “They did find someone.”

James looked like he was holding his breath but let out a breath when they loaded the body. “I guess we will find out who soon enough.”

Sophie shook her head. “Yes, unfortunately yes.”

Both Gingersnap and Molly came into the room. Sophie turned. “It’s a good thing you two are safe. I will have to tell Marley that Molly is here and safe. She went to her cell phone and texted her. It pinged right back. Sophie nodded as she read it. “She is coming to get you Molly.” Both cats sat on the bed looking at them.

James grinned. “You two probably could use a snack after all that excitement. It was like Gingersnap understood him. He let out a quick meow.

“Alright then, let’s go.”

They both hopped down and followed James down the steps. Sophie stayed up for a bit and looked out the window to see if she could see anything more. There was a lot of people around and now they were putting up yellow tape around the scene. She couldn’t believe that this happened in the little town of Pepperlane. She wondered how Susan was taking all this. She would not be putting up her dress shop anytime soon. At the same time, she thought the whole situation was a bit off. What kind of deal did she make with Mr. Fifer? She hadn’t seen her in a while or that Mr. Grant either. Didn’t really want to see him for that matter she thought but still…Something in her mind was playing out some devious plan that had been made by someone. It was just who they found and who has done this.

Sophie sighed and went back down stairs. There was nothing she could do anyway. Sophie heard voices when she got down back to the kitchen. Marley was over and was very happy to see Molly was okay. She looked at Sophie. “So, did you see all that?”

“They found someone. We saw the body bag. We wonder who it is.”

Marley shrugged. “Well, it’s either Mr. Fifer or Mr. Grant. Those two hated each other.”

Sophie nodded. “It could be, but we will see.” Some how she knew there were more players in this scandal than she cared to admit.

Molly went home with Marley and Gingersnap went back up stairs after having a snack and water. Too much excitement for one day.  Just as he hopped up on the bed, he heard the sound of a motorcycle come roaring up. He hopped up on the dresser and onto the nightstand and then on the ledge. He looked down and there was that same motorcycle with that mean looking cat. They got off their bike and the cat followed. There were still police cars there and those dogs were there as well but didn’t appear to bother either one of them. Gingersnap watched closely as they marched up to the site but did get stopped by a police officer who looked down at the cat and then back up at them.

They didn’t get any father and were escorted back to the bike. The mean cat hopped up on the basket. He looked right up at Gingersnap who cowered behind the curtain. The person got on their bike and they both went off. Gingersnap came out then and watched as the police officer went back.

Gingersnap hopped on the bed and it didn’t take long when he fell asleep. It was some time later when the sound of the motorcycle woke him up. He hopped over to the ledge again. There were no cars around but lots of tape. That didn’t stop the black hooded driver and their cat from going over there. Gingersnap could see them looking things over. They didn’t take anything but one thing Gingersnap noticed was that the driver of the motorcycle looked like a girl Gingersnap thought. Who could that be?

The mean cat hopped up on his basket and the driver got on the bike. The started it up and slowly drove to the other side of the property where there was no tape. They disappeared on the other side. Gingersnap looked to see where they went but then he heard the sound of the bike near where they dug. They dug around for a bit Gingersnap could see and then he saw them take a box out of the ground. They took it back to the bike and slowly drove back around to the back lane and then took off.

They came and got what they wanted Gingersnap knew but what and who was that?”

Gingersnap heard James downstairs, so he went down to see what was going on. He heard him talking to Sophie. “The police officer just confirmed to me that they know who it is and that we are not to go anywhere soon. We have to give information on this situation since we knew the person.”

“I see,” said Sophie. “Who did they find?”


Friday, 3 May 2019


Hello! Finally got back with the next chapter. I ended up getting a new laptop. The old one was unrepairable. So here we are. Hope you enjoy the latest chapter. Happy reading!

Chapter 14

Gingersnap watched the officer hold up the scarf in front of everyone. The dog’s underneath were sniffing it. Gingersnap hid behind the curtain watching never taking his eyes off of the dogs. The piece was placed in a special bag. The two officers were talking to each other in low voices.

They all left back to the site and Gingersnap came out behind the curtain. They all stayed for a while until they got into the police cars and left. Gingersnap then went out his cat door to go exploring. When he got out on the back porch he sent over to where the dogs were digging. He could still smell them.

Something from under the porch came out and there was Molly. She came bounding over to where he was. They both looked at the hole that was left behind. Molly let out a weak mew. Gingersnap got a little closer to the hole and started to pull away the soil to see what more there was. He was getting the feeling that the dogs didn’t find everything that was buried here. Molly was right there. Then she started to dig to and then something shiny came into view. Molly hissed. Gingersnap clawed some more dirt back to real a knife. Very carefully he sniffed it. They both backed up from the hole. Gingersnap could see something red on the knife. They both looked at each other.

Suddenly more police cars came and this time a van with them. Molly and Gingersnap hid underneath the porch while more dogs came out of this van. They had special vests wrapped around their bellies. One had a large red scarf and appeared to be the leader. Two officers and two of the dogs went around the burn sight sniffing. The rest of the dog unit were allowed to roam and sniff about.

Suddenly one of the dogs caught a scent and were looking over in their direction. The hair went up on the back of Gingersnaps neck. He was wondering he smelled them but then the dog came scampering over to the hole that they had been digging in. Gingersnap knew that he could smell their tracks. Molly froze and so did Gingersnap. They both jumped when the dog barked to let them know what he found. Another dog came to investigate and instantly barked as well. That sent two officers to investigate.

Gingersnap was wishing he was still inside and he knew Molly wished the same thing. Maybe they could escape but then more dogs came over. They were trapped. The two police officers shouted out to the others who came rushing over. They were now all standing around looking in the hole. One of them took out what looked like tongs out of his bag and picked up the knife and held it up in front of them all.

They all shared a look. Then one of them gave orders to the others and off they went with the dogs to hunt for more. Another officer came over with a shovel that he had taken out of the van and started to dig some more. Gingersnap wanted a way so he nudged Molly to the back where there was a small opening at the end of the porch where they could sneak up and get through the pet door. Quietly they made it to the back until Molly got up on the porch and mewed at Gingersnap.

The officer heard her and came up the stairs. Molly crouched down to make herself even smaller. “Hey kitty, is this where you live?”

Gingersnap squeezed himself through the opening up onto the porch and made his way over to Molly. The police officer smiled. “There is two of you. Let me get you back inside then. We have a lot of dogs here.”

He knocked on the door. Gingersnap looked at Molly. Her didn’t know if he should push her through the pet door or what but the door opened and there was James who was caught by surprise.

“Hello, just letting your cats inside. We have dogs all over the place now so thought these two would be safer inside.”

James nodded quickly. “Thank you very much. Come on in you two.”

Both of them scampered in past James’s feet and into the kitchen.

“So, did you guys find something to bring all these dogs in?”

“Yes, we have, we believe firmly now we have murder case.”